[Hacking 101] Time to get hands dirty!

A few months ago I decided I would start to learn code. This decision came from a few different places.  In August 2011 I landed my first full-time job at a tech startup in Hong Kong. It was the first time I experienced how awesome it is to build a world-changing product from scratch. More importantly it sparked an idea in the back of my mind. I love startup. I don’t mind spending more time to explore in the startup world or even being part of it. Why had I never considered building my own stuff as a career path?


I was thinking I could play a business co-founder role at the very beginning as I have been studying and doing marketing stuffs but after I came up a few ideas, I found it hard to validate them because I always needed to rely on a tech guy to tell me whether if it’s worth to do it in terms of development cost and development possibility. The lack of technical background really made feel a bit frustrated and most importantly dragged my progress slow even at such an early stage.

So, I decided to learn coding even though I’ve never thought of doing that. I’ve consulted a few of my colleagues from the technical team how I should start. Since my goal is to be able to write an Android application, I was recommended to give “Standford CS106a” a try. CS106a is an open-course which is totally free and available to the public. You can simply go on their YouTube channel to watch all 28 video lectures and all the assignments, handouts and notes are completely free for download. I didn’t hesitate and download everything from the school website and I’m proud to say I’ve finished the first 2 lectures and am working my way on the assignment #1!

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5 thoughts on “[Hacking 101] Time to get hands dirty!

  1. Andy Res says:

    If you are going the Android route, check out my blog, I write Android tutorials, might come in handy! 🙂

  2. saramcmillen says:

    Great to find someone else learning. I’m a complete beginner, starting with CodeAcademy. Look forward to your updates on how you enjoy this program.

    • Gilman says:

      Thanks for reading and hope you’re having fun with programming as I do! What program/ language are you learning? would definitely give CodeAcademy a try after I’ m done with CS106a.

      • saramcmillen says:

        I’m really enjoying it. I did a bit of programming in high school but it wasn’t really promoted as a career choice (then, very academic focused school). But it’s been a decade since I tried. I think CS106a may be more advanced than code academy.

        I’ve finished the Code Academy series on HTML and CSS (not so much code as scripting languages) and am currently working on JavaScript with JQuery next.

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