Don’t underestimate your impact

ImageHow many times did you give up to do something because you thought the stuffs that you’re doing were meaningless. How many times did you fail to put your 120% on something because you thought there’s only little impact and no one cares about it or nobody is gonna see it anyway. We all do things aiming to get recognized. If you’re in the business world, you probably know what I mean. When everyone around you is talking about ROIs all the time, your dedication and working attitude will be easily driven by what and how much you’re gonna get from doing it. If you feel like you’re not making anything out of it, you might choose not to do it. If you have no choice, you’ll probably gonna take it easy and just try to get it over without putting much efforts because there’s zero impact and you don’t see the point for working hard on it. However, if you realize this is an unmissable chance to show off because you can kinda expect something good is gonna come to your side once you nail it, or you find it your hard works will become something meaningful to someone you care, you’ll just basically do everything you can do and try to bring it.

I have to admit that I have been following this kind of mindset since working full time a year and half ago. I really think it’s not about how hard you work but how smart you work as I keep growing and building my own career. And what I meant by “smart” was to take it easy on something unimportant and wisely spend time and put effort on something more important.  I’m sure 99% of the people will agree of doing things smarter and I’ve never thought and seen if there was any problem with it until I got this text message from my colleague who went to a high school career talk with me this afternoon.

Dear (My colleague’s name):

Hello, I am a Form 5 student who studies in XXX school. Even though I am not Junior Form, I am so delightful to grab the opportunity of attending the seminar.

Thanks for your inspiring and uplifting sharing. I have learnt a lot through your story and experience. Actually, I have downloaded both Hong Kong Movie and TalkBox. Those are really useful in everyday life. Apart from that, I really admire your attitude toward your career path.

I am not studying ICT right now. I have chosen ECON and History as my electives. Yet, at least I can know more about the industry these years. In fact, there are full of opportunities and challenges, right?

You know? I am a physically disabled student. However, up to now I don’t give up my dream. Once again, thanks for such impressive lesson.

Humbly Yours,

This message was originally sent by one of the students. He sent this message to my colleague through Facebook and showed his special thanks to us. It’s just so blessed our present did leave an impression for the younger generation. But at the same time, I started to feel so embarrassed after seeing his message over and over again. I’m embarrassed because I can feel the real appreciation from the student. He shows his respect to us by sending in a thank you note like this. He would have to remember our names, probably googled our names, and eventually found us on Facebook. He’s brave enough to send us a message from nowhere. We, as someone who came from a so-called “professional” background, were complaining the school arrangement while we’re on the way. We’re feeling like such a waste of time doing this because we thought those kids were too young to learn about career and they’re not interested in anything we said. So here was the deal, we got the job done asap, students could get off on time and everyone’s happy. We didn’t even made a few new slides for the students but just re-used what we’ve been using for our clients.

I really want to take this opportunity to apologize to all the students I met today. We’re not working hard enough this time because we thought it’s not worth it. But right now, I need to confess. It’s such a big pleasure to be there with you guys today and shared our experiences and passion with talented younger generation. Simon, thanks so much for reaching out. You really did make me think and reflect a lot on this one. I truly appreciate your kind words and I know that you won’t underestimate yourself and let yourself down because you’ve taught me how the “little” impact can be much more bigger than what people can imagine. Please keep fighting for your dream and I promise I will do the same from now on.

Photo credit: PosAbility

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